Hello, and thank you for visiting Present2Past Genealogy.

My name is Samantha Hemphill, owner and founder.

I have been researching my own family tree since 2001, having discovered genealogy when I was a teenager.

Family history remained an important hobby throughout my college and university years. It was only when I realised my own research would require traveling to towns and counties important to my family heritage that I decided to launch Present2Past, both as a way of helping others to discover their roots, and to fund my own research.

Since I founded Present2Past Genealogy I have married and started a family of my own; therefore the services I offer are carried out alongside my duties as full time mum to anenergetic toddler. This is the reason why the time taken to complete projects may be longer than other research companies, as my working hours are typically when my little one is in bed!

It is worth noting when comparing my services that other family history research companies typically promote a very different service to my approach, whereby they search by number of generations, rather than by years – meaning my research could uncover more generations, and cost less overall.

In all of my research packages I will endeavor to trace your family roots back as far as I can – typically at least back to the early 1800s or late 1700s. I am often able to work back further, if the data is available and time constraints allow. This means you get more information for your money, compared to other research services.

Previous projects I have completed have unearthed a deluge of interesting facts, and each project has taught me something new. For example, in a previous project I encountered a sailor who served in the Napoleonic wars, and so researched the particular battle he was involved in, giving his descendants a detailed account of what his time may have been like onboard a ship in battle. In my latest client’s family tree I discovered a lady listed in a census as deaf, which led me to learn and write about the social implications surrounding this type of disability in the 1800s.

I also have experience searching Scottish and Irish records. This enables me to offer a full UK-based research service, with confidence that I can produce results; providing the data is available.

I am always honest in my research, and will corroborate my findings with records. If I cannot prove the existence of a fact, I explain the reasons why and make clear that it is a theory.

Please use this site’s contact form below to get in touch with any questions.

The rates for my bespoke service can be found in the links at the top of the page.

Unearthing the secrets of your bloodline could be just an email away.

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