Family Tree Research Packages

We offer four different packages;





This allows the client to build their ancestral history bit by bit, or all in one go.

All the project packages require a non-refundable deposit to cover initial research costs. a softback cover (see below) is included in the package.

Bespoke Research

Family Tree Design & Printing Service

3mm slide and negative scanning to CD, plus basic image optimisation

Local genealogy research service

Surname history and distribution map prints

Payment Plans and installments can be considered across duration between 4-12 months*

Hardback vs Softback

The Silver, Gold & Platinum package options all come with a softback, bound report. However, a hardback book can be selected instead at additional cost.

The client will receive a book with all the accompanying family trees in a separate sleeve, which can be slipped inside the front cover for storage.

The trees will be colour-coded to each report, making both easier to understand.

Hardback covers are available in black, blue, red, and green, although other colours may be available.

Softback books are thermal-bound, and feature a clear plastic front.



  • *Initial deposit will still be required and payment plan set up on the remaining balance. Completed work will not be released until 100% payment is received and/or research duration completed.