Silver family history package

Silver – Single-Line research project (maternal or paternal)   £250

This package focuses on a single family surname. For example, if the surname chosen was ‘Thatcher’, a single research project would follow the paternal line of this surname, looking at each generation of Thatchers within the client’s family heritage.

Present2Past will compile a detailed report on the client family with this surname, plus an introduction. Also included is a surname distribution analysis, a family tree print out, and a minimum of three certificates.

All the reports focus on the records and data found, with references to some of the geological areas, and other social history information, if relevant.

For this project I would suggest a hardback book be selected, rather than the softback thermal-bound option, so further reports can be added at a later date.

Estimated duration for project: 10-12 weeks

Deposit Required 50%